An example of a wizard

Wizards (♂) and Witches (♀) are variations of the Human race.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Powers Unique to WizardsEdit

  • Aciukinesis (Manipulate Sharpness of Objects)
  • Colubrumkinesis (Manipulate Snakes)
  • Haemokinesis (Manipulate Blood)

Powers Unique to WitchesEdit

  • Neurokinesis (Manipulate Thoughts)
  • Oneirokinesis (Manipulate Dreams)
  • Retrokinesis (Manipulate Youth)
  • Bibliokinesis (Knowledge Manipulation)

Powers that are SpecialEdit

  • Pyrokinesis (Fire)
  • Hydrokinesis (Water)
  • Geokinesis (Earth)
  • Aerokinesis (Air)

Respective Sub-PowersEdit

  • Ionikinesis (Plasma)
  • Arctikinesis (Ice)
  • GeoThermoKinesis (Magma/Lava)
  • Atmokinesis (Weather)

Other PowersEdit

Both Witches and Wizards, other then kinetic powers, can use magic that requires the use of potions, spells, and incantations, symbols and so on. There is said to be a book each Wizard and each Witch has, untitled, known as their Tome of Magic. Within this tome, there are various spells of this form. No non-Wizard/Witch has ever seen the inside of this book, and it is said to be guarded by magic spells that will make it appear blank to anyone who is not a Wizard nor a Witch. It is said that if one who does not study the path of magic sees the inside of this book will suffer horrible tragedies.