Vampires are a form of the Human race. We believe Dracula was the first vampire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vampires are creatures that are able to run at incredible speeds, leaveing only a haze of themself behind. Vampires are also very strong, and are able to rip steel in half. And with effort lift a car. Vampires, on occasion, have small wings that can act as drag chutes or as flight assistants. Vampires can only fly for about 10 minutes, any more time damaging their wings or muscles. Afterwards, they must rest for a period of around 2 hours for each minute of flight.


Vampires have the disability of burning in the sun. Wearing a vile of their creator's blood will prevent this, along with being 1,000 or more years older. This immunity can also be given by drinking their creator's blood, although this process could cause a craving for it. If a vampire consumes blood enough, the sun will cease to effect them and they look more human.

Place in Role-PlayEdit

Vampires are able to hide their identity, and for good reason. Some are hated and scorned, with Vampire-hunting parties being sanctioned by the goverment to kill these beings if they are found. Vampires live in constant fear of these people, and often try to operate in secret, forming groups like the Scarlet Hunters.