The Zygan System is a group of three planets located on the outskirts of the Polaris Galaxy.

Obani Draco IIIEdit

Obani Draco III is home planet to the Royal Family of the New Era. Ruling over the Polaris and Solaris Galaxies, they are known to be Dragons. Draco, despite its appearance, is a peaceful and lush paradise.

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Obani PolluxEdit

Obani Pollux is equal size to Obani Draco III. This planet is covered in vast factories that make robots that serve as Queen Cynder's galactic army. This place is considered very dangerous, given most intruders will be killed unless sent by Cynder herself.

Obani GeminiEdit

Obani Gemini serves as the home planet of Cynder's Galactic army. Once created, the robots are sent here and live peacefully until called upon by Cynder or needed in battle.