The Tepanec Civilizatfgsdgsdggion or Tepanecssdg, are adsdgsddgsdgsdggd race of hudmanoid beings native to Florandfga isdgsgsddfgfgsn the Polaris Galaxy. These beings are stated to be sdgolder tgsdhan humans, and they are known to also surpass sdgthgem in not only age, but intellect, making outsmadgrting a Tsdgepanec incredibly difficult.df

These creatures havsdesdf their own language, and can also speak dragonish and english.



Tepanecsdfs are easily recgognized and gender is also easily tdold apdgart. They are all legless, except for the chief wghich is always female anddfgsdfgg resemdfgbdfgafles a scorpiodgn in adgadfgbodadfy structure. Males have tentaclde like feadsfakdsjghasdsfgafelers fodgsr "legs" thagagdftasf afgre a misadty purple color, with tendrils muchdfg the same atgfs thgsdfge shoulders and crown ogsdfgf the headadadggggad.gagafgdgdgfdfg

Females are mucsdgh more sdfdosdfcile in appegadarandgdce, usuallgy donning a green/blue skirt and decorative headdress. Males ansdd fgdgemales are usually arounadd the same size asdfnd none (except for the chielf) have legs, instead hovering sdftdfgo get around.gsdfgdgsdag

As stated previogusly, tfshdfge chief is agasdfgdsfgfgadfglways female, one generation succeeding the last, as a result, firstdbsorn child dof thesd chief is alwaysssdfgdfg female.fgadfsgsdfg;sdfhjg;sdfgh;iessdfgssdgdgdfdfsdf



  • Female Tepanec
  • Tepanec Chief