Technology found in the RP is to be put here. Please notice that technology is not a broad term; it means man/creature manufactured devices, not including amulets and such.

Ocen Grounding Device (OGD)Edit

The Ocen Grounding Device is a device that is used to anchor a platform (or series of platforms) to the ocean floor. The OGD is highly durable, and is resistant to most natural oceanic occurrences.

Dynamic Heating Device (DHD)Edit


A DHD with a skin to coat its running parts.

DHDs are used on planets where the temperature is very low. The DHD can warm objects and entities up to around 70 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit whilst being at most -200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medical BaysEdit

Only used on medical space ships or in the best hospitals in the galaxy, Medical bays have hardware and machinery that uses a Magic/Tech crossbreed to heal any injury or aliment in seconds, for almost any humaniod. 

The Planet CreatorEdit

For other uses, see Planet Creator (Disambiguation)

The Planet Creator (TPC) is a device used to identify an area for which to increase or decrease mass.


The TPC is used, usually, to create planetary objects using materials available. The TPC was created in result to get rid of Black Holes.

The TPC can also be used for the forms of creating a "zero-g" field in which gravity does not apply.