It was dawn of the third year of my life, and I remembered it in excruciating detail.

My father had came home early from his job, while my mother sat with me. Pretty picture, right? Wrong. I heard a rustling from outside my window, and I peered out of it, jumping off the couch I was sitting on. When I looked out, I saw a man, completely covered in black, and with the strangest face-at least, it could've been a face.

I was more interested then scared, and I opened the window. All I remember is blacking out with the man's smile on his face, and saying "I think you will be satisfied."

The next day, I was in bed, feeling rather sickly. My mother looked over me, and I saw my father leave the house to head for his work.

I heard something snap, and apparently, my mother did, too. She looked at me with a look usually reserved for those who where dieing. Another snap occurred, and I looked down at myself. Green...Somethings started to crawl up my body. I covered my head with my blanket, and my mom laughed, as if I had made a funny joke. I looked at my hands, which had sprouted viscous-looking claws, tinged a pear-color.

I gasped, and realized I knew. I knew what had happened, and I knew what was going to happen. I feigned dumbness, and when my mother took the sheet of my head, she screamed. I heard the fall of sleet and hail on the window as she dialed a number, which I assumed was an emergency hotline for the hospital. When I heard her say "Yes... Please help me... Yes... Poison gas... I'd hate to do that to my own child... Good point... Not exactly MY child," She laughed, as if it were the funniest thing in the world.

She glanced at me, and she said into the phone "I think I can handle it, you know... I have a shotgun out back," She shivered, "The snow might freeze him, though. Easier on the consciousness..." I looked outside, and saw the snow that was inching its way towards the rim of the window. I then looked at my reflection, and saw that I also had...Wings! That could help... I tried the process, at least, to the best of my ability, and got, well, nowhere.

My mom grabbed my neck (some mom!) and opened the back window, and shivered. I shivered too, and she literally dropped my out the window. The window closed behind me with a loud BANG, and I was alone. I walked a little, before realizing that my mom was watching me all the while. If she wanted me to die, I'll die. I walked towards the tool-shed, hoping that the shotgun was loaded.

Once inside the tool-shed, I looked around, hoping I would find it. My dad used to do small-game hunting, or something along the lines of it. Law forced him to stop because of the engendered "species" of "neighbors."

I found the shotgun, nestled in the corner. At the time, I was enthralled by the array of objects assorted along the walls and floor. A shotgun was probably the worst object a three-year-old could get his hands on, but I didn't feel three. I felt... Mature.

I coughed, and out came a little fireball. I gasped as the rake to my right caught fire. The gasp, in return, set a shovel on fire. I decided to make a show of it, and I started gasping. I wonder if this is the only way, I thought to myself. I smiled as the building toppled down next to me.

I ran out, and apparently, my mom didn't see me, as her eyes were content on the tool-shed, waiting for my demise.

It was what seemed like hours. I was searching, but for nothing in particular. I was essentially looking for a home... Now that I think about it, I doubt there was anyone in the same situation in the one I was in...

Anyways, I ended up sleeping in a tree, not exactly the best camouflage, being green in a leave-less tree.

I was woken up suddenly by voices. I looked up, and saw two people walking towards me. Not exactly to me, maybe, but along the path. On the right, there was a man in a dark brown trench coat, and to his left was another man dressed the same, except bearing a white suitcase.

The man glanced towards the tree, and opened his suitcase. Out of it he brought out a small white gun shaped into a glove. I remembered seeing something like that on a billboard outside of my house, and I instinctively dropped down and buried into the snow.

I heard muttered voices, and as they came closer, I could hear them clearly. "I don't believe what I just saw..." The man spoke with a monotony of voices, all seeming different from the other, combining to make a spooky effect.

"What? It was probably just a pile of leaves." The second man spoke with a hint of British in his tone.

"A pile of leaves in the middle of winter... Stile green?"

"Well, I don't honestly think that anything could be suspicious... The world is changing my friend."

"You got that right. Fire away? What harm could it do?"

"Really... I swear your just trigger happy with that thing ever since you realized what it did to that authority..."

"What? It's amazing to watch them disintegrate!" Disintegrate!? I thought. I heard a sound like a small hiss. "Nothing there, anyways." I looked above my head and saw the tree was burnt and cut into halfway, along with some of the snow melted above me.

I heard their footsteps gradually receding away. When I thought it was safe, I popped my head out, and was grasped by the neck and put inside of a bag. I gasped, and then all of the light left in the bag dissipated. I screamed, but no sound came out. I wondered for another time about how much my life had changed within less then 24 hours.

I fell asleep somewhere along the way, and was suddenly woken up by a sharp bump. I analyzed my surroundings, which was easy because I was still in the darkened bag. I screamed again, and found my voice working. If I was somewhere public, I might be able to attract attention. I then also remembered the fire, and I released all that I had. The bag began to burn, but when it was burned away, I found a rubber sheet coating the bag. I tried burning through the sheet, but was unsuccessful.

I didn't hear any signs of notice outside, so I figured that I was apparently trapped in some sort of sound-proof apparatus. I also then realized I could hear outside the bag. Weird I thought to myself.

"So what's in the bag, anyways?" The man with the British accent asked. I was always on time for these auspicious conversations!

"Don't know. We'll open it when we get there."

"Sure we will. You know that that bag's going to be stolen as soon as we turn it in. We never get to see the juicy stuff, you know!"

"I guess your right. A peek won't hurt." Oh yes it will, you big bum! I thought to myself. I felt a sharp pang in my head, and I blacked out again.

When I woke up, I was being poked. I coughed, releasing a fireball, and I opened my eyes, seeing clearly. What I saw did not help my mood. I was chained to a pole, hands and feet, and was being... Well, I guess the correct term is examined.