Okay... This is Seadrus... Trying to make an impression on this site.... Here I go!

Creating a characterEdit

The character is probably the most important part of the RP. Actually, it is. When you are playing, you must ASSUME IDENTITY. In order for your RP character to be succesful, you need to stay in character. For example, If you are law control, you cannot go around killing the innocent.

Concerning Characters: You may be able to RP anything, but if you believe that your RP subject is Over Powered, please contact me, and we can work out arangements.

A Backstory for your character...Edit

If your character has anything, this should be it. You would probably require a format in which you can work in, such as follows:

Name: (Example Name)

Age: (Example Age)

Weight:* (Example)

Height* (Example)

  • Are optional

You can also add other things like Birth, Death (if dead), ETC.


One can die in the RP, and you should not whine about it. I would apreciate if you would, erm, "Rest In Peace". If you die, please list you character Here.

Site PolicyEdit

While on site, please follow the following:



Respect Admins Curse or offend Admins and otheris within the authoritatvie command
Respect everybody! Insult people about race, sex, or other traits OOG.
Respect Site Policy Disobey authoritve commands

Contribute as much as possible!

Ignore Site Policy


You may not assume other people identity, or create other accounts to rp as another person. You may create a second account with permission of an admin, and that account can only be used to RP another person.

No sockpuppetry unless if approved! If we find out that you have been using two alternate accounts, the first offence will result in a 24 hour ban. The second offence will result in a week ban. The third offence will result in a perma-ban.