The Royal Palace is home to King Ash and Queen Cynder.

Location and AppearanceEdit

Located on Obani Draco III in the Polaris Galaxy, the palace is lush and tranquil. It is a generally large compound, with massive halls and gardens. Many strange and amazing creatures roam these gardens, along with citizens from time to time, given the royal couple treat their subjects kindly.

Cave of AtlantisEdit

Tucked away in the palace gardens lies a secret entrance, the entrance to a cave Cynder named the Cave of Atlantis. Duragem is yet to know about this, and Cynder often goes there to seek advice in her times of hardship. There is a stone gollum like being that resides in there, and he is always willing to offer his Queen advice.

Another feature of the palace is a large and sacred dragon shrine underground.

  • The Palace
  • Cynder's Cave of Atlantis
  • The Golem from the Cave of Atlantis
  • The Shrine