Phasers are weapons that are able to pulsate different types of enery, depending on the type of energy used.

Basic PhasersEdit


Laser/Basic Phaser

These phasers use any basic form of power, and release a small, concentrated beam that will start to eat through any material in 20 minutes.

Laser PhasersEdit

A phaser specialized to burn using highly concentrated fire.

Aqua PhasersEdit


Covered Aqua/HydroThermic Phaser

Phasers that are used to soak or dampen objects.

HydroThermic PhasersEdit

A variant of the Aqua Phaser, the HydroThermic Phaser (HTP) fires a highly concentrated beam of super-heated water.

Explosive PhasersEdit

Phasers that produce large explosions directed in a beam. Sometimes causes miniture explosions as the beam progresses.