Ocen is a contunent that is created in the west coast of Megaloponda. Ocen is located on the world of Florana. Ocen contains 3 sets of 6 spire-like obelisks. The three sets each have a designated name:


Pronounced: KAY-non.

Cnon is the wealthy portion of Ocen, and 1/2 of the towers retain all of the historical documents of the world. The other three towers of Cnon retain housing units, each one containing three rooms; a living room, a dining room, and a bedroom. Rooms are not labeled, but each one has a seperate elevator to the room. Upon reaching the top, the elevators merge into one pipe. The mechanism behind this is a Cnon secret.


Pronounced: AY-knock

Enoc is "the slums" of Ocen. It is believed that there anyone that goes in there never goes out, but the validity of this argument is questionable. More information is required - Not much is known about Enoc.


Pronounced: O-ay-sea

Oece is the portion of Ocen that is unnocupied, or it is used for government problems and is most likely where the government is housed. This part of Ocen is highly guarded, and is also patroled by Keri.