New Earth

New Earth's Climate is very moderate depending on were you are. The world is divided into two sections with two parts; Northern Hemisphere, with Icern and Gorntang and the Southern Hemisphere, with Jonk and Teria.


Icern is a cold place, and usually has no summer. When summer does occur in Icern, temperature ranges from -20 Fahrenheit to -10 Fahrenheit.

Icern is uninhabited except for research purposes or Natives.


Gorntang is the wild card of New Earth, being the only continent of New Earth that does not show trends in temperature or rainfall.

Gorntang is a popular place to visit, mainly basing its industry around the weather.


Jonk is the part of New Earth that most people live in - it is very predictable climate wise, and usually rains and snows according the following pattern: Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter.

Jonk is a highly developed part of New Earth, and has Technology that is beyond current means.



Teria is another highly developed part of New Earth, like Jon, but a little behind. it has only one section, called The Grey Winter, which is like regular Winter, but it always is overcast, and the snow is somewhat like ash. It is also home base of Anomalies inc.

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