Mermaids are a ledgendary race of creatures native to Aquatosa. Despite their beautiful appearance, these beings are actually quite dangerous if aggrivated. Mermaids are only female, and rarely leave the water, unless threatened.

They possess Hydrokinesis.


Mermaids are by far some of the most beautiful creatures to exist. They usually have flowing waist length hair, ranging from blonde to reds, slightly unnatural glowing eyes, and of course, a glittering fish tail. Mermaids also possess fangs.


It is unknown what Mermaids truly feed on, but given the fact that they have fangs and are often seen around skeletons, it is assumed that they consume humans somehow.


The behaviour of mermaids is tricky to predict, but they are well known for not only their looks, but their generally flirtatious nature. It takes them little effort to seduce a human, aided by their remarkable voice and their graceful composure, they are hard to resist.