A Manifestation embodies an abstract idea or emotion. Manifestation's can not be destroyed unless what they represent doesn't exist anymore, or enough damage is done to them in their human form (or any other mortal form). Manifestations are, if killed, reincarnated into a new body, with all of their previous memories, though they do not become aware of their previous life until a certain age, when they accept and learn of their nature as a Manifestation. This occurs when another Manifestation tells the young one of the race and explains it to the new Manifestation. 

Some Manifestations are always reincarnated as the child of others (for example: Change is always the child of Non-existence, Order is always the child of Creation). It is unknown how this race ever came into existence, but it is suspected that they were born when the universe was. 

List of ManifestationsEdit

  1. Death (none, but has temperalrly posessed Dr Shadow, but has been relased and contaned by Anomalies Inc.)
  2. Non-existence (Ash
  3. Change (Duragem)
  4. Madness, Evil; Sin and Prophecy (Inferious)
  5. Destruction/Power (Cynder)

Rogue ManifestationsEdit

All Manifestations have a rule to protect the universe from the beings of immense power that he Manifestations are. For example, Death cannot slay another Manifestation, nor exterminate an entire species. Non existence cannot erase reality, and can only erase civilizations if they pose a threat to the rest of reality, etc. 

Any manifestation that breaks this rule will be imprisoned within the Void.

List of Rogue ManifestationsEdit


Was not to reveal knowledge to a mortal being, but did so, "creating" Yog-Sothoth in the process. 

Manifestation FormsEdit

Manifestations have three forms: Their Human/Mortal Form (dragon, human, ect.), their Manifestation Form and their True Form. 

Mortal FormEdit

The form they use to blend into the world around them, looking like a totally normal member of that race, be it dragon, human, dread, or Elaagoth. They can be killed within this form, and are then reincarnated. 

Manifestation FormEdit

This form is their "true" form, used when near mortals or any non-manifestation or non-celestial beings. This form tends to resemble a common idea of what the Manifestation represents (Death: a grim-reaper like figure, Life: A mass of plants and animals, etc.). Some forms, however, do not follow this rule at all, being Eldritch and alien in appearance, heavily resembling Lovecraftian Horrors .