A dread with pistols.

Dreads are a race that were Humans that died and have been re-incarnated via the transformation process.

The Transformation ProcessEdit

This process includes the user "depositing" part of their life force inside an object that will be able to sustain itself, an iron box or a rock, e.g. (designated as the Crui)

When the user dies, the amulet will restore their body, but also making their original flesh corrode off of the original body, making them skeletal. Most Dreads wear long capes or cloaks, and usually with hoods as well.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dreads usually have umbrakinesis, the abilty to manipulate and generate darkness, Osteokinesis, the power to manipulate bones, and Paleokinesis, the ability to make a living entity older.

Dreads are unable to be hurt or damaged by weapons via a solid surface, a sword or gun bullet, e.g. They can only be killed if either thier Crui is destroyed or their entity is destroyed via magic or dispersion.