Dragon Charms are special charms, necklaces, pendants, or crowns that dragons possess. These charms allow the Dragon to transform into a human and back at will. Once bound to their unique charm, they can only use that charm. If lost, they will stay in the form they are in until the charm is recovered. A negative version of this could allow a Human to obtain a Dragon-like avatar, but only for temporary, straining the Human.


The charms feature a gemstone of any size, adorned by anything the wearer sees fit. The stone is usually the same color as the dragons scales, but not always, as the individual chooses their own stone when deemed ready. This usually takes place after the individual is deemed worthy by a higher rank.

Dragons also name their respective charms, usually relating to its appearance.

  • Queen Cynder's Pendant; "Ember"
  • Duragem's Pendant - Does not always work, and has been taken away from him by Cynder as a punishment, trapping him in one of the forms, usually human.
  • Ash's Dragon AmuletGo to