Known as as Count Dracula, also known as Vlad III Dracula, the son of Vlad II Dracul. Born in the 11th century, he later became known as Vlad Ţepeş ("Vlad the Impaler") and as Kazıklı Voyvoda.The First Vampire He also is A TURE IMMORTAL VAMPIRE.  

Vlad The implare Was Defeated By Normal Human Race... By Hands of Mortals. The True Story of Vlad is based on his depression and aggression. There was a tradition to give son as a hostage. Vlad II Dracul did it. Vlad III From childhood he was amused and raped by Turk ruler.That Childhoon memory drove him crazy.

Vlad, then began to Destroy their enemy with huge aggression. He defeated every one who oppose him. His ambition was to defeat everyone and gain a true power. After Times and times everything changed.

Vlad Visited Church For forgiveness to his actions. Church said: Amen And Forever Locked Doors do Vlad

Vlad Knew about historical events of God and Lucifer. He started Spiritul ritual but Church members Did not allow it.After Years and years he become something awful.

He Felt Betrayed by god and started torturing people using method of implament. Over 20,000 people suffered and died. Vlad was having dinner that time talking with their dead bodies. He felt amazing feeling of Evil.

But he was normal mortal refusing gods ambitions to turn world into something beautiful. Each day he was having nightmares of his past and of his mother. His mother was burned on cross when he was 6 years old. He started Killing thousands of people. using another and another methods to suffer them. Most people say that he was a TRUE DEVIl.

After Years and years Vlad was betrayed by his own Lover. Vlad was under control of Turks and they chopped his head off. Vlad's last words: I Betrayed you god . After those words he licked blood that was on ground and became a true monster of god. His name was Alucard. It is Dracula the True King of Vampires the man who oppose god's ambitions and became the one true Monster. He betrayed god itself.

After those amazing years Dracula felt like a devil. People started talking about Vampire that Killed more than
1000 people in one day. Each day there were coming another and another stories. Blood Sucker, The Devil, Shadow fang, Red eyes, Those names can be heard next to every pople talking. Vlad Become a true death to human race. he lives in his castle of transylvania. Drinking blood and smiling at human race with ironic laugh.

500 years later. by events of Bram stoker, Dracula was defeated by Van Hellsing. Some poeple say he died. After years of suffering Lucifer Summos Vlad Dracula. And uses him as his true weapon against his opponents.